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My name is Bec, I'll go by Kuro as well though.

What to say? Well, I'm a furry. I like a lot of things, am in a lot of fandoms and I like to draw and roleplay.

Life is at it's lowest right now.... but there is

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 20, 2010, 12:43 AM
  • Listening to: my itunes
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: my dogs
  • Playing: Professor Layton games
  • Eating: meat
  • Drinking: water
Complete title:
"Life is at it's lowest right now... but there is some optimism"

So.... dearest people out there who read this, read the FULL title. -points to last line- I don't wanna depress you, I'm just trying to write out everything before I forget it.

Points I'll go over:
:bulletred:have a headache
:bulletpink:lost my cell phone, need a replacement
:bulletorange:stillborn baby guineapigs

:bulletgreen:my old ex wants to be friends ^^
:bulletblue:this guy in my class and i hugged :3
:bulletpurple:my mate is unbelievably nice to me
:bulletwhite:i suppose my birthday coming up is good?

:bulletblack: my birthday is coming up
:bulletred: I have a headache.... it hurts so much, so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much... and I feel like I deserve it for losing my phone. ^^

:bulletpink: LOST MY PHONE. Well I dropped it while walking to the bus today... realized I lost it and back tracked like 5 times, couldn't find it, went home, told my sis, a guy who speaks ONLY spanish picked up. So... my phones gone because we disconnected it... -sigh- I lost ALL my numbers. ;-; fffffff so im phoneless.... I feel like such an idiot -emo corner-

:bulletorange: Can my day get ANY worse? at ALL? yes. yes it can. So I got a ride home from my stepdad who told me our pregnant guinea pig had her babies.... stillborn... -sigh- He didn't like take them out of the cage or bury them or anything so theyre still there... I saw them -sigh- they wouldve been so fluffy x-x ;-; -headpain- OWE o.<

:bulletyellow: there was tons of thunderstorms today. I left my class around 5 to go use the payphone before it got dark (no cell phone) to call my stepdad for a ride and half the sky was a thunderstom while the other half was sunny and pinkish since the sun was beginning to lower... it was beautiful and quiet while i walked back to my class... then it got dark, the thunder got louder and the lightning flashed closely...and it rained hard >< Luckily no one I know got hit by lightning... I think.

:bulletgreen: One of the things in life that cheered me up when I read about it was that my ex :iconfang-000: wanted to be friends again. wooo... I need more irl friends, anyways it was awesome.

:bulletblue: Theres a guy in my night philosophy class who's kinda cute... his name is David and he draws nonstop in the class... like life sketches, its pretty cool cuz he's really good. Anyways we talked a little bit today and kinda made eachother laugh despite how bad our days were... he's homeless right now >< (parent troubles) so I offered him a hug and he seemed really happy about it ^^ I was happy too cuz i didnt hug ANYONE today x-x

:bulletpurple: My mate is unbelievably nice to me... I <3 him lots. He's uber sweet and caring~ He basically cheers me up and knows when I'm depressed ><' even when I lieee -pouts- basically... he cheered me up today.

:bulletwhite: refer to bullet black

:bulletblack: my birthday is on sunday....gunna be "legal" wooooo And i dont really care ^^''

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